• Features & Benefits of Grundfos CM-PM1:
  • Longer life - Major pump components are
    manufactured from corrosion and wear
    resistant stainless steel.
  • Quiet Operation - Both pump and motor
    are designed for quiet operation to provide
    a comfortable environment.
  • Quality Assurance - Each CM-PM1 is
    factory assembled and tested before delivery.
  • Product certified by SIRIM
  • Dry running protection
  • 2 years warranty
  • Space saving
  • Easy installation

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  • WT-P100GX2 (100 Watt)
  • Automatic Pump for Shallow Well. 
  • Key Highlights
  • Water Temp Relay temporarily
    pauses the operation when pump
    head becomes too hot. This
    prevents pump head from
    deforming through overheating.
  • The tank is made of specially thick
    steel and coated with triple layers
    of anti-rust agents.
  • Tank body made with metallic
    colour for unique beauty, durability,
    and extra sun resistance.
  • Three choices of water output
    hannels mean greater installation flexibility.
  • The pump, made of bronze,
    is non-corrosive and rust-resistant.

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